IT Solutions for the High-Tech and Electronics Industries

100% supply chain integration

Because we are living in a global economy where collaborative commerce is imperative, there is constant pressure to innovate and product life cycles are short, it is important for companies in the high-tech and electronics industries to reduce costs and time to market. Equally, cost pressure is making it essential for them to reduce storage and inventory costs, TCO and IT operating costs.

B2B software: standardized, integrated, industry-specific

SEEBURGER addresses current market requirements and customer needs with an integrated approach: our Business Integration Suite offers standardized solutions that are all fully integrated with each other and all run on one technology platform – thereby firmly focusing on the user’s requirements. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite delivers consistent adherence to standards combined with industry-specific process expertise.

SEEBURGER offers transparent, workflow-based solutions for the high-tech and electronics industries:

The standard B2B solution for the high tech and electronics industries
With a pre-configured industry profile (processes, mappings, communication parameters), our B2B software enables you to establish connections with partner companies, quickly, simply and automatically with the click of a mouse.

MFT – the secure transfer of business-critical data
Managed File Transfer turns the transfer of business-critical data, both internally and to and from external partners, into a secure, transparent and monitored process.

Connecting with smaller business partners
The WebEDI marketplace for placing orders or scheduling deliveries: use our supply chain software to integrate your suppliers completely into electronic data sharing, with no operating costs.

B2B/SCM Monitor: end-to-end monitoring for SAP users
Cross-company, cross-system end-to-end monitoring in SAP.

100% partner integration/community management

Order-to-cash for SAP users and others
Seamless automation of processes, from order entry through to receipt of payment.

Purchase-to-pay for SAP users and others
Seamless automation of processes, from ordering to payment.


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