SEEBURGER solutions for healthcare and life sciences

Tailored B2B/EAI solutions for healthcare clients

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SEEBURGER solutions for healthcare and life sciences

When all stakeholders and providers in healthcare are electronically networked, information can be exchanged faster, increasing patient privacy and security while lowering process costs. That’s why SEEBURGER provides B2B software to support all aspects of healthcare activity. We offer tried and tested solutions for the following processes and healthcare supply chains, and our satisfied customers include many well-known names in the industry:

Billing health insurers

In Germany, healthcare providers (clinics, doctors, dispensaries and other care providers) have to send their bills to health insurers in electronically to comply with Sozialgesetzbuch (German Social Security Code) (SGB V).

SEEBURGER offers an automated e-invoicing service for suppliers of medical devices and drugs etc. (“other healthcare providers” as defined in paragraph 302 of the SGB V) – with drastic benefits in terms of cost.

B2B integration in the healthcare/medical supply chain

B2B integration of manufacturers of medical devices, hospitals, providers (e.g. GHX, Medical Columbus), pharmacies and retailers with the trading partners in their supply chains.

B2B integration in the pharmaceutical supply chain

B2B integration of pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract manufacturers, suppliers, pharmaceutical wholesalers, dispensaries and drug safety authorities with the trading partners in their supply chains.

Secure transfer of sensitive healthcare data

The healthcare industry is bound by regulatory compliancestipulating the protection of patient data. SEEBURGER managed file transfer (MFT) solutions ensure that our healthcare customers are compliant.

More SEEBURGER solutions

In addition to the special processes detailed above, SEEBURGER also offers transparent, workflow-based solutions for the fields of healthcare and life sciences:

MFT – the secure transfer of business-critical data
Managed File Transfer turns the transfer of business-critical data, both internally and to and from external partners, into a secure, transparent, monitored process.

Connecting with smaller business partners
The WebEDI marketplace for placing orders or scheduling deliveries: use our supply chain software to integrate your suppliers completely into electronic data sharing, with no operating costs.

B2B/SCM Monitor: end-to-end monitoring for SAP users
Cross-company, cross-system end-to-end monitoring in SAP.

100% partner integration/community management

Order-to-cash for SAP users and others
Seamless automation of processes, from order entry through to receipt of payment.

Purchase-to-pay for SAP users and others
Seamless automation of processes, from ordering to payment.

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