Master all B2B and B2G E-Invoicing standards with SEEBURGER

We support standards such as ZUGFeRD, SII / Facturae for Spain and DEMAT / Chorus Pro for France.

In recent years, e-invoicing initiatives have emerged in many countries. They are intended to simplify the exchange of invoices between companies ("B2B") or the exchange between companies and authorities ("B2G") and prevent tax abuse.

In the webcast, we present our e-invoicing solution, which offers a broad format support including an electronic signature as well as the option to connect to your existing archive system or a long-term archiving solution in the cloud.

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  • Dettagli

    • ArgomentoMaster all B2B and B2G E-Invoicing standards with SEEBURGER

    • EventoWebcast live

    • Data 21.11.17

    • Tempo 16:00 - 16:45 (UTC/GMT+1)

    • Luogo online

    • Linguaggio English



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