Un’unica piattaforma centrale per tutte le attività di Integrazione

Made in Germany

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SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

The Best and Most Comprehensive EDI/B2B/EAI Solution for SAP Users. The Central Platform for all Integration Tasks.

Made in Germany.

On premise or as a Service/Cloud Solution

IT Integration: Single Source – Complete Control

The formula for SEEBURGER’s success is derived from a simple concept: “Single source – complete control”. SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite provides an open platform that is easy to integrate into existing infrastructures. And it’s open interfaces enable the platform to be supplemented and/or expanded using components from other manufacturers.

SEEBURGER’s single-source approach is based on the company’s recognition that EDP-supported, business-critical processes require a solid and seamlessly integrated platform, so as to minimize both operational risks and operating costs. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite provides these benefits within its platform, using perfectly matched components that we  develop in-house.

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is equally suitable for use by large international companies (for specialized integration projects involving a very high volume of data) as well as for small and midsize enterprises (as ready-configured, sector-specific standard solutions). The solution is highly flexible and scalable and new components can easily be added at any time. So as your company and requirements grow, SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite can grow with you.

The Business Integration Suite is the best and most comprehensive EDI/B2B/EAI Solution for SAP users





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